Herman Q Edeling is an accredited mediator who holds a B.Com Accounting, UnivCert Programme in Property and a B.Com (Hons) Property Valuation & Management.

Herman Q Edeling is a trusted advisor, entrepreneur and mentor

Herman Q Edeling has earned current titles including Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director and Managing Trustee in his professional career. He is by nature an entrepreneur, investor, consultant, and mediator. Read more below on his areas of expertise by clicking the plus sign on each topic you would like to read more about. Learn more about Herman’s story to success or get in touch


Herman is the Founder and CEO of Azlyn Creative, a full-service marketing and advertising agency. Azlyn Creative focuses on bringing their client’s vision to life through their passion for innovation & creativity. The agency helps clients understand, execute and excel in the creative space. 

Herman is the Founder and CEO of FunctionVenues™, an innovative online event directory platform. FunctionVenues™ is the World’s Leading Resource in the Function and Eventing Space. Eventing Reimagined.


As the Founder and Managing Trustee of The Viking Investment Trust, Herman has been a property investor for almost 2 decades. Herman Edeling is also the Founder and Managing Trustee of Asgard Holdings, a private investment company with multiple interests in different sectors/industries.

Property valuation / management / investment

With a B. Comm Honours Degree in Property Valuation & Property Management, Herman Edeling often serves as Director for Homeowners Associations or as Trustee for Body Corporates.

Accredited Mediator

In 2016 Herman Edeling obtained accreditation as a Conflict Dynamics Trained Mediator. He was further accredited by The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in the United Kingdom.

In 2017 he completed his training with Conflict Dynamics in Mediation Skills for Medical Negligence & Personal Injury Claims and was furthermore elected to serve on the Executive Committee of the Medical Mediators SA initiative. 

Herman is a SAMLA Verified Medical Mediator.

Areas of mediation include:

  • Contractual Disputes of all kinds,
  • Costs,
  • Insolvency,
  • Intellectual Property,
  • Labour / Management,
  • Land Ownership,
  • Private Client,
  • Professional Negligence,
  • Tax, Trusts,
  • Wills & Probate,
  • Landlord & Tenant,
  • Medical Negligence,
  • Matrimonial Finance,
  • Neighborhood Disputes,
  • Partnership / Shareholder,
  • Personal Injury.

Herman Edeling is a Business Consultant and advises key clients in the following areas:

  • Property Investment,
  • Property Management,
  • Property Valuation,
  • Business Structures,
  • Investment Strategies,
  • Alternative Investments,
  • Taxation,
  • Financial Management,
  • Trusteeship,
  • Legal Entities,
  • Estate Planning.
Crypto Currency

As a crazy cryptocurrency investor and enthusiast, Herman has been nicknamed “The Crypto Plunderer” and “Mr Bitcoin” by his friends and family. 

Herman Edling is the Co-Founder of CryptoManage, a private cryptocurrency investment fund serving numerous private investors. 

Commissioner of Oaths

As Managing Trustee of the Edeling Medico-Legal Consultancy Trust he is a Commissioner of Oaths for the Johannesburg North Magisterial District of Randburg.

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